• Interactive and Fun!

    Way To Go Kids! is an evidenced based nutrition and fitness program written by an RD and designed specifically for Registered Dietitians to teach overweight and underactive kids ages 9-14. Way To Go Kids! teaches kids and their families the skills needed to develop a healthy lifestyles and make better choices. Since its beginning over 170 programs have been sold nationwide. Way to Go Kids! makes learning about nutrition fun and exciting.
  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Kids come in all shapes and sizes. A child’s shape is partly determined by genes but his size is often determined by the amount and kinds of food he consumes each day. The emphasis in Way To Go Kids! is to STOP the weight gain while maintaining normal growth and development. Way To Go Kids teaches a healthy and fun approach to nutrition and physical activity for kids.
  • Healthy Eating

    Growing kids should not diet but may consume more calories than their bodies need. When indicated, weight loss in a child should occur slowly. This program takes a healthy approach to eating by increasing fruits and vegetables, choosing low fat dairy, decreasing sweetened beverages, and making lower fat choices. The focus is on balancing calories for growth while increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary time.
  • Where is the Way to Go Kids! Program Used?

    Way To Go Kids can be used as a health education program in Wellness or Fitness Centers, Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, Recreational Facilities, Summer Programs, After School Programs, Pediatrician’s Offices, Hospitals, and other facilities that are interested in the health of kids. The program is written to be taught by a Registered Dietitian and can be used in private nutrition counseling with kids and their families in a group or individual counseling.


Way To Go Kids was developed following the evidenced-based guidelines as defined by the Pediatric Weight Management Evidenced-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline which can be accessed at www.adaevidencelibrary.com.

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Learn more about Way To Go Kids! Nutrition and Fitness Program with these frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions please contact us at linda@waytogokids.com.

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Completely Revised

Way To Go Kids! was first written in 1999 and underwent minor revisions during the last several years. In 2012 the program was completely revised maintaining many facets of the original program but updating much of the information.

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